2019's Kickoff Academy Challenge

2019 Kickoff Academy Challenge
Posted on 09/12/2019
On Friday, September 7th, the Freshman Academy, Academy of Industry and Innovation and the Academy of Emerging Technology and Design faced off in a series of fun- challenges to kick off the school year and see which Academy would take this year's 1st Challenge and claim their superiority.

A recap of the events follows:


Game Description


Balloon Toss

The object of balloon toss is to keep your academies balloon in the air, you lose if you use your hands to keep the balloon in the air or if you let the balloon touch the ground.

Industry and Innovation

Hula Hoop Race

The purpose of the game is to get in a line, hold hands, get the hula hoop over you,  through the line, and back to the front of the line without letting go of hands.  

Emerging Technology and Design

Scooter Race

In the game scooter race there are three teams with four people and each team has a scooter.One person has to lay on the scooter and the other player has to push them down the court around the cone and back for the other two players to take over.

Industry and Innovation

Tug of War

In this game there are 2 sides that consists of 10 people and they each have to pull the rope as hard as they can. When 1 side gets pulled across the line the game is over.

Emerging Technology and Design

Dance off

Dance off would be 2 or more people dancing against each other, to music to see who will win.

10 points awarded to all

Winning Academy: Innovation and Industry

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